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A Passion For Craft: How It Began

Welcome! We are sisters and co-owners of Char’latte Coffee Company.

We, Alexis (Lex) and Jazzmyne (Jazz), make up the talented barista duo behind the bar. We were introduced to the world of coffee back in 2014 when we landed our first jobs as teenagers at a local coffee franchise. What started out as a regular job quickly developed into a passion for the art of coffee. We jumped from coffee house to coffee house, learning everything we could along the way. While we definitely enjoyed each stop, we still couldn’t help but notice something missing. Coffee culture is constantly evolving and so are the coffee drinkers. Naturally, coffee business also had to evolve. We noticed the focus had shifted more towards the speed of service, efficiency, simplicity, and technology. While we still valued these improvements, we felt that it was done at the expense of quality, authenticity, skill, and customer connection. We decided that we wanted our coffee community to improve in every way, without sacrificing one quality for another. Fast forward to 2022, we had already formed our LLC and started officially operating as Char’latte Coffee Company.2


Our name and our mission

Choosing our name was fairly easy. We thank a former co-worker for kindly asking how Lex’s newly born daughter was doing. Her phrasing went something like this:

”How’s little Char-latte doing?”

We immediately thought,

Oh my goodness… this is PERFECT!

With Charlotte being her actual name, we thought it would be an excellent play on words. Now that we had established what we would be called, we then wanted to establish how our perspective would influence the community in which we would serve.

In our beginning stages, we needed to figure out where we would source our coffee beans. We cared a lot about the farms they would come from, the way they were grown, and the communities that would benefit. We eventually found a roaster that held similar values about the quality and ethical sourcing for their beans. We also knew we wanted to enhance our coffee craft. We took advantage of local workshops and classes to learn even more about what makes excellent and authentic coffee. We decided that our espresso machine would be manual, unlike some of the popular coffee chains we worked for, so that we could have as much control as possible and really showcase our skill. Although we take pride in our coffee knowledge, we continue to seek out new opportunities to grow and refine. Lastly, we knew that we wanted our menu to reflect authenticity and craft, and our brand to instill an appreciation for the art of coffee. We have, and will, continue to add traditional coffee offerings to our menu and to educate with coffee terminology. We try to use flavors that enhance our coffee rather than overpower its richness with flavors that are too bold. To try and accommodate the different taste preferences of our customers, all of our syrups are made by us, and are curated to delicately compliment the espresso. So far, this has satisfied the coffee drinkers who like it simple, and the ones who like unique flavor recipes.

Our goal for the future is to have our very own a brick-and-mortar that would embody us in every way, allowing us to serve the community with our passion for coffee. With your continued support, we hope to accomplish this, and much more. Thank you for reading and we hope to see you at our pop-up events.

Char’latte Coffee Company

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